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Linksy Bowler Newborn Photographer

Get to work with the photographer Linksy Bowler, Newborn Photographer and Buff ambassador. Today in our Flash Lighting Basic Setup series, we're going to talk about how we create timeless but unique images for our newborn families.

When a client books with us for a newborn session, we send them a congratulations email. This email includes everything they need to know and everything we've learned to make a newborn photo shoot successful.

Newborn behind the scenes NEWBORNS, BABIES & CHILDREN

Ten years of experience with photographing babies and families

Linksy Bowler tells in detail about her ten years of experience with photographing babies and families. What do you need to know before or during a photoshoot? She shows which light shaping tools are used, Flash unit, Parabolic Umbrella, and decorative accessories.

Maybe it just looks like you get to cuddle babies all day long, and of course, you have to do that, except there are a lot of tips and tricks that you have to master along the way.

Behind the Scenes Newborn with LINDSEY BOLER

Get to work with the newborn photographer and learn the process and set up in this tutorial:

What is the equipment used?

Paul C. Buff Newborn Kit

Ready for the challenge?

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What we would like to see from you

•    (1) Behind-the-scenes image showing your setup

•    (2) Final image 

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