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Light Shaping Tools Explained

Beauty Dish

Ideal for fashion or portrait photography, the beauty dishes create a crisp light. You use a beauty dish at relatively close range. The light is even and, unlike with a direct flash or normal reflector, has no 'hot spot'. You can go for the traditional metal dish or the lightweight foldable beauty dish, perfect for location shoots.

  • Highly efficient source for bright output
  • Narrow beam spread allows light to be thrown at a distance retaining a high output
  • Can be used with or without a direct light blocker
  • The Silver produces more specularity than the white beauty dish
  • Ideal for fashion or portrait photography

Modifiers used: 22” Silver High Output Beauty Dish

PLM Umbrella

Translucent umbrellas are used to shoot through and they diffuse and soften the light by reducing contrast. The light is softened by the white cloth. This gives a less harsh light than with a silver reflection umbrella or a beauty dish.

The unique parabolic umbrella from Paul C. Buff is the modern replacement for conventional umbrellas. The 16 rib frame forms a large, shallow parabolic shape, resulting in extremely efficient light transfer, smooth coverage patterns, and even illumination for a maximum light wrap.



Softboxes are a standard light modifier for many photographers. Their versatility makes them suitable for everything from portrait to product photography. The shape is similar to window lighting and the light projected is more directional than that of an Octa Softbox.

A softbox diffuses the light onto the subject creating soft even light and reduces harsh shadows. The closer the softbox is to the subject, the softer the light will appear.  the foldable softboxes from Paul C. Buff are designed to be quick and easy to use on location.

We offer three lines of softboxes: Regular, Stripboxt and the Octabox.

The Softbox Regular suits most photography areas and so it’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular models.

The strip box is narrower than the usual softboxes. It provides the ability to get relatively soft light, with greater control than what can be found when using an Octa Softbox or an umbrella

Similar to the way a softbox diffuses the light onto the subject creating soft even light, an Octa Softbox is great for portraits by creating rounded catchlights in the eyes of your subject. Providing a more natural look similar to what you would see from the sun.

many popular SoftboxesModifiers Used 47" Octabox


The Snoot, is a long and narrow piece of equipment that creates a tight and focused beam of light. Directly illuminating a small surface, the Snoot is useful for product photography with meticulous details or hair lighting when photographing portraits.

In combination with colour gels, you can create cool background effects.

Snoot for studio PhotographyModifiers Used LiteMod Unit Mainframe, Snoot and Color Gels

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