45 Portrait Shoot With One-Light Kit
18 november 2019 
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45 Portrait Shoot With One-Light Kit

Ideal for starting photographers

With versatile, reliable, and affordable products, we want to take the guesswork out of choosing an off-camera flash. Our one-light kit was created to be a perfect addition for small studio spaces and portable enough to be used out on location. It is an ideal starter package for someone beginning with studio strobes that can easily be added to overtime. We worked with BUFF Ambassador, Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media, to create images that showcase the versatility of the one-light kit.

Go behind the scenes Tutorial

One light kit

The one-light kit is perfect for anyone that is just starting with an off-camera flash. Learning how to work with artificial light is not as intimidating as some photographers think. Creating small and keeping things simple is a great way to master light, be creative, and be resourceful. Wanting to showcase the versatility of the items included in the one-light kit, I photographed my model on a white background, first using the 64” white PLM umbrella as a shoot-through umbrella and allowing it to spill on the backdrop. This gave me ample light and a crisp, clean white background.

ISO: 100 | SS: 1/320 sec. | Aperture: f/2 | Focal Length: 43mm

64” white PLM umbrella.

To contrast this and provide a more moody image, I pulled my light further from my model so that it would not spill onto the background. I also added the white front diffusion fabric and the black outer cover to the 64” white PLM umbrella. This converted it into a bounce umbrella and gave me the darker background that I was going for.

ISO: 200 | SS: 1/320 sec. | Aperture: f/5.6 | Focal Length: 43mm

Now we want to see what you can create; follow us on Instagram at @flitsenflash, and if there's a particular lighting technique that you're interested in or learning more about, leave us a suggestion in the comments below.

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