Gridded Beauty Dish Portrait

In this episode of 'Flash lighting to create the shot', our marketing manager, Anthony Romano, planned to use Grids on both of our foldable Beauty Dishes for a fashion portrait session with model Teck, but sometimes things change. See how he created some vibrant looks with a two-lamp setup.

What is a Beauty Dish?

A Beauty Dish creates a more directed light and eliminates a large amount of spill light. The parabolic shape means the light never falls directly on the model or object. You get a nice depth effect with good contrast, which is lovely for fashion or sports portraits. There is a difference between silver and white Beauty Dish; silver gives more sharpness and contrast than white. Especially for sports portraits, you can make the muscle mass stand out well in the photo.


We start with a photo session to create several different looks with white and silver Beauty Dishes. The following steps:

1.    Beauty Dish – No inserts

2.    with inner light blocker

3.    with inner light blocker and diffusion fabric

4.    with inner light blocker, diffusion fabric, and grid

Demo images

24″ Foldable Silver Beauty Dish – No inserts | with inner light blocker | with internal light blocker and diffusion fabric | with internal light blocker, diffusion fabric, and grid

Beauty Dish with inner light blocker, diffusion fabric, and grid

Final Images with Silver Beauty Dish

24″ Foldable Silver Beauty Dish |  ISO 100 | Aperture f/9.0 | SS 1/250 sec.

Final images with white Beauty Dish

24″ Foldable White Beauty Dish  |  ISO 100 | Aperture f/6.3 | SS 1/250 sec.

Behind the scenes setups


Equipment used: 

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What we would like to see from you

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•    (1) Final image

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