High Key Portrait  - Step by Step
01 oktober 2020 
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High Key Portrait - Step by Step

In this new video, "Flash Lighting To Create The Shot", Anthony will talk about High Key portraits and the process and set-up of this photoshoot.

Our model Jacob wanted to add some black and white portraits to his model's portfolio. I like the look of a high key black and white portrait. So we came up with this idea to create this tutorial.

Flash Lighting to create the shot- High Key Portrait

For this photoshoot, we used two flash units.

  • I place one flash with an 86" PLM Umbrella and Front Diffusion directly behind the model.  If you do not have an Umbrella, you can also try it with a large Octa Softbox or translucent background. 
  • The other flash with a Silver Beauty Dish and place it slightly above the model and make an angle of about 45 degrees. Silver gives a bit more contrast to the photos.

Creating a High Key Portrait Behind the scenesBehind the scenes

Anthony takes you to step by step through this process and shows you various setups, he plays with backlight and foreground light and shows you the effect of increasing or decreasing the number of Stops of the flash. 


Meta Data for all images | ISO: 100 | Aperture f/4,5 | Shutter Speed 1/125

Anthony thanks you so much for watching "Flash Lighting to create the shot."

.Now, we want to see what you can create; follow us on Instagram at @flitsenflash, and if there's a particular lighting technique that you're interested in learning more about, go ahead and leave us a suggestion in the comments below.

What we would like to see from you

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What equipment was used:

MODEL – Jacob Matthew Agy

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