Portrait Beauty Shot - With a Foldable Stripbox
07 april 2021 
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Portrait Beauty Shot - With a Foldable Stripbox

Foldable Stripbox With Grid

In this episode of ‘How To Create The Shot,’ our marketing manager Anthony Romano and videographer and lighting tech Kimberly Nail used two foldable strip boxes with grids to create a moody beauty portrait. See how they made some stunning shots using a two-light setup.

Strip boxes can be used for multiple purposes for hair lighting, backlighting and are often used as a rim light to separate the subject from the background effectively. They work well for portrait photography.

Portrait Beauty Shot With a Foldable Stripbox

First Setup:

Today I am going to show a basic portrait, with one Stripbox as the main light. We take several shots with the inside diffuser, without and with the grid. Anthony shows it all.

The next challenge is with two strip boxes, which he will do together with a professional lighting technician Kimberly Nail has a lot of experience with this setup.

Portrait Beauty Shot With a Foldable Stripbox Behind the scenesBehind the scenes

See the entire course of this photo shoot in the series "How to Create The Shot" by Paul C. Buff Europe.

Demo Images

  1. 10″ x 36″ Foldable Stripbox – with inner diffusion fabric 
  2. with inner and outer diffusion fabric 
  3. with inner and outer diffusion fabric, and grid

Anthony takes thanks so much for watching "How To Create The Shot"

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