22 Portraits The West Parlor Photo Shoot
28 oktober 2020 
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22 Portraits The West Parlor Photo Shoot

Today a new photoshoot is planned in "How To Create The Shot". West Parlor. I wanted to do another shoot to add some variety to my portfolio. I had a particular song in my head by Ferras ft. Katy Perry - Legends Never Die. I wanted my couple to look like they still held it together and weathered every storm side by side.

With a great team and the perfect location, we worked together to create a photoshoot, "The West Parlor".

photo shoot  created The West Palor.

I worked with my stylist, Emily Goodin of Effortless Style, and she pulled off everyday items and felt like they fit the space. An emerald green dress was crucial for the vision I had in my head, and Emily crushed it with this dress from The Showroom Nashville for Bree. And the bow tie 'Hollywood' by Clifton & Leopold completed Jacob's look.

Behind the Scenes

For this photoshoot, I am using two strobes in total, my favourite 86" PLM Umbrella Silver with a front diffuser. This gives a soft light wrapping effect around both my models. The other flash is used as a fill light.

I use natural window light in the second setup, which gives a whole different atmosphere to the photos.

Natural window lightI use our new Link 800 flash unit together with the Hub. I can control the strobes through my phone.

Behind the scenes (new Link 800 flash unit)FINAL IMAGES 

Flash lighting to create the shot - Portraits in the West ParlorImage Meta data all the images | ISO 100 | Aperture f/1.8 / Shutter Speed 1/125

Anthony thanks you for watching "How to create the shot"

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Equipment Used

Special Thanks To:
Models – Bree Lefler | Jacob Matthew Agy
Hair and Makeup – Nissi Lee
Wardrobe stylist – Emily Goodin with Effortless Style
Gown – The Showroom Nashville
Bow tie – Clifton and Leopold
Assistant – AJ Netherland
Video / assist / retouch – Kimberly Nail
Location – The West Parlor at Warren Studios by Warren Smythe | AVVAY

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