18 Story behind the Shot – Anna Grove
24 februari 2020 
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18 Story behind the Shot – Anna Grove

Photographer Anna Grove,  shares her story behind the shot from this fine art portrait featuring model Haley Lane.

The idea behind this shoot with Haley was to focus on texture and movement. I wanted to create something that had a modern fine art feel. The wardrobe, texture, tone, and lighting, all played a huge part in making this series a success. The flowing fabric that draped across Haley gave me the movement that I was looking for. The background was layered to provide depth and character. I like to light my subjects in a way that highlights their best features. With Haley, not only did she have an amazing face, but she also had a strong profile that added elegance and power to the final image.

ISO: 100 | SS: 1/160 sec. | Aperture: f/5

To create this photo, I used two White Lightning X1600 flash units. One flash unit modified with a softbox was placed above and slightly in front of the model, camera right. The second flash unit was modified using a 64” White PLM Umbrella with White Front Diffusion Fabric and was bounced onto a white wall behind me.

ISO: 100 | SS: 1/160 sec. | Aperture: f/5 

Fine art has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I tend to go into my shoots with a concept or theme and showcase my subject in the best light possible (pun intended). The rich tones, and almost painterly style, has become somewhat of a signature for me. Proper lighting not only helps set the mood but brings an image to life!

Lighting tip from the Photographer

– Soft light with Contrast –

“To achieve this softer lighting along with an artistic focus on your subject, consider using a fill light fired into a white wall or v-flat behind you. You may also shoot through a scrim to create a similar effect. Using a fill light will help you give details to fabric and separate your subject from the background. Then use a second light as your key light and place it close to your subject to bring some contrast and focus to the image.”

Anna is a Houston-based photographer. She specialises in a wide range of professional photography, including fine art portraits, fashion, beauty, boudoir, maternity, fitness, family, entertainment, personal branding, and much more.

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